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Level 1

6 Tenets of leadership

Character and Virtue

Managing Emotions in Sports

Goal Setting and Habit Forming

Mental Skills Introduction

“The Process”

Sport Philosophy



Level 2

Leading as Captain

The Power of Influence

Communication and Connection

Creating and Changing Culture

Teaching, Learning, Skill Acquisition

Motivation and Incentives

Storming and Conflict Resolution

Pre-Game Speeches


Level 3

Strategy and Tactics

Heuristics and Biases in DM

Competitive Advantage

Practical Wisdom

Invisible Forces

Emotions in DM

The Paradox of Intuition


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Strategy and Tactics

Competitive Advantage

Heuristics and Biases in Sports

Emotional Mastery

Practical Wisdom

Invisible Forces

Changing Culture



6 Tenets of Leadership


Defining Moments

Praying with heart and mind.png

The Expert Tactician

Rational Decision Making

Chance In Sports

The Science of Adjustments

Competitive Advantage

Process Wars

Strategy and Tactics

Skilled Communicator

Communication Secrets

Principles of Connection

Mental Models

Teaching and Learning

Skill Acquisition

Crafting Experiences

Relentless          Leader

6 Tenets of Leadership

Sport/Command Philosophy

Character and "The Process"

Emotional Mastery

Culture Creation

Develop Your Leaders

Energetic Presence

Motivation and Incentives

Charisma For Coaches

High Performance Habits

Mental Resiliency

Invisible Forces

I to E

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Goal-Setting, Habits, and High-Performance:

The secret science behind great greatness

Influencing the PSYOP way:

Sport and Military leadership principles for business executives

Emotional Intelligence and Growth Mindset:

Sport psychology for the unbalanced entrepreneur

Culture Change:

Unearthing what drives sustainable growth and results