Our Mission

The position of team captaincy is the perfect incubator for leadership development. Athletes have a high level of engagement and necessity in sports. Due to this, our goal is to take leadership from conceptual to actionable for athletes who are interested to lead more effectively. We take a 3 step process make this development effective: (1) Educate for awareness, (2) Mentorship for Application, and (3) Experience for development. All of our products and services are created to inspire team captains to lead their teams more effectively and help coaches to systematically develop them.

A player-coached team is always more successful than a coach-coached team” -
— Greg Poppovich, San Antonio Spurs

Subject expertise

  • Leadership Development

  • Public Speaking/ Pre-Game Speeches

  • Decision Making

  • Strategy and Tactics

  • Skill Acquisition

  • Goal Setting

  • Habit Formation

  • High Performance Concepts

  • Teaching and Learning

  • Intangibles

  • Motivation and Fulfillment

  • Organizational Development

  • Teamwork

  • Sports Psychology/ Mental Coaching

  • Productivity

  • Culture

  • Character Development

  • Sport Philosophy

  • Efficient and Effective Practices

  • Productive Meetings