1:1 Sports Leadership Coaching For Aspiring or Current Team Captains

Every parent wants their son or daughter to be a leader. To be someone who can influence others. However, a majority of parents leave this skill up to luck. They miss the fact that leadership is a skill that can be developed. We know that you want to give your child the best advantage possible in sports and in life. If you are the parent of a top athlete in high school or college ,who you feel is or can be a leader of their team, then this is the coaching that they need.

In America alone, parents spend almost $9BN/yr to develop the physical skills of their young athletes. Something that is important but will only last for so long. Many parents are missing the great opportunity that is right in front of them to help them develop one of the most important skill sets that will set them up for the rest of their life. It is time that we better leverage sports. If this doesn’t sway you, let’s talk a little bit about what the research and college coaches point to on the power of leadership in sports directly related to wins and losses.


In 2017, Sam Walker wrote a book called The Captain’s Class. He spent 10 years researching what made the incredibly high-performing teams that way. What was their secret sauce? His research was compelling in that it found something that almost everyone knew to be true but couldn’t quite put their finger on. The best teams had the best team captains or great leadership possessed by one of the players on the team. Sam Walker said “I have never seen a more repeatable pattern”. Take a look at some of the quotes from his book and other great coaches on this subject:


  • “The captain is the figure who holds sway over the dressing room by speaking to teammates as a peer, counseling them on and off the field, motivating them, challenging them, protecting them, resolving disputes, enforcing standards, inspiring fear when necessary, and above all setting a tone with words and deeds.”

  • “Could it be that the one thing that lifts a team into the top .001 percent of teams in history is the leader of the players?”

  • “It’s the notion that the most crucial ingredient in a team that achieves and sustains historic greatness is the character of the player who leads it.”


  • “The single most important ingredient after you get the talent is internal leadership.  It’s not the coaches as much as one single person or people on the team who set higher standards than that team would normally set for itself.” – Duke head basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski

  • “We lost due to a lack of good leaders on the field” - Nick Saban after loss vs Ohio State in the national championship game

  • “Not one time in 35 years did I witness a team become a champion without great leadership coming from within the team. It was players leading players” - Dave Hart

  • “The defining characteristic of every championship team is leadership. Leadership isn’t a different maker, it is the difference maker. Talent will get you about 7 or 8 wins. Discipline pushes it to 9 wins maybe. But when you add leadership, that’s when the magic happens”- Urban Meyer

  • “Our coaches believe the single most important characteristic necessary to build a winning program is leadership among the student-athletes” - Dick Baddour UNC Athletic director

  • “A player-coached team will always be better than a coach-coached team” - Greg Poppovich and Tom Izzo


Coaches are looking for this competitive advantage on their teams. They want leaders on their team. Outside of pure talent and skill, it is the number 1 predictor of a team’s success. Since 2010 leadership academies have increased in colleges at a rate of over 40% per year.


In 1969, Nebraska was the first university to create a strength and conditioning program. The head coach felt that it would be an advantage if his players were stronger than his opponents. It just so happens that they went on to win two out of the next three national championships. Competitive advantages are powerful. Nebraska was able to leverage that advantage for the next 20 years. However, over time, others started to follow suit and it has now turned into a requirement. Leadership coaching today for athletes is what strength and conditioning was in the 70’s. Research is showing that leadership amongst teams is the greatest advantage outside of talent. If you want to give your athlete the best chance at obtaining a collegiate scholarship, then this coaching is how you gain an advantage over the competition.


The Captains Coach is focused on building leaders one at a time with our 1:1 coaching services. We are also building a technology platform that takes advantage of what the research is just beginning to uncover that there is a direct correlation between your team captain’s leadership skills and the success of a team. Our goal is to optimize the current experience of your athlete to improve skill sets that will set them apart for the rest of their lives. No matter where your child is at, this is something that they can grow in. If they are team captains right now. Perfect. If they are not, even better. This gives us time to help them grow into and develop the skills needed to lead their teams in the future. They need a coach specific for this.

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