Testimonial 4

“I wanted to thank you for taking the time to talk with me these past few weeks. The information you gave to me was insightful and eye opening. I was able to apply the knowledge right away in an easy to use manner and then recap everything the very next week. The tools you gave me will say with me as I continue to grow as a person. Concepts and ideas that showed me a whole new way to look at leadership will set me up for success. I cannot wait to continue to grow utilizing everything you have given me. Thank you again for your time.” - Emma Johnson D1 Lacrosse

Testimonial 3

“Ben brought an outside perspective to our sport club student athletes at their educational kick off workshop this fall. I would recommend him for various leadership discussions however the one that hit home most for me was how to work with a club through the tough things they face (storming phase) so I can help them be a successful team.”

- Marissa Canter, Longwood University AD of Campus Recreation