“Absolutely loved what I read so far.  I think it’s exactly what I am looking for.  A guide to help students develop leadership skills.  I have been coaching high school hoops for 10 years and we have always done various things with our captains on leadership.  Each year it kind of grows and we learn what works and doesn’t work.  Three years ago we committed to meeting with our captains weekly for 45 minutes.  I had been coming up with articles and activities for us to do and its been a struggle to find content.  So far your book is the best thing I’ve seen for this!” - High School Basketball Coach

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The Captain’s Playbook is an in-season workbook for team captains. It is the first of its kind book that presents a blueprint of daily steps to take to become more influential on your team. The team captains are the most pivotal member of your team and are the driving force behind your results. Up to this point, all we have tried to do to develop them is lecture to them. This workbook takes them from a passive state of learning to an active state. It has everything a team captain needs to know to be the competitive advantage that his or her team needs them to be.

The Captain’s Playbook includes 3 parts:  

1.) The Captain’s Action Plan (CAP)

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“above picture is snippet of the playbook”

2.) Daily Mental Model

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“above picture is snippet of the playbook”

3.) Sports Leadership Journal

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“above picture is snippet of the playbook”


The Captains Playbook is not for everyone. It is for the top percent of athletes that have the will and drive to improve their leadership skills. If, before 30 days, you realize that this challenge is not for you then we will accept the book back and give you a full refund.

The first 25 buyers will have the opportunity to receive a free 1:1 personal coaching lesson to walk you through the book and provide answers to your questions for the upcoming year! Send an email to ben@captainscoach.com to schedule a time for your session.